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    1. Infosys Takes AI to the 'Unlimit'

      Read More in Data Center » Infosys Takes AI to the 'Unlimit' Artificial intelligence is already having a big impact among early adopter organizations. With Nia, Infosys wants to help all enterprises capitalize on the technology. More Articles » The theme of the Infosys Confluence 2017 event, taking place this week in San Francisco, is "Unlimit," which executives at the IT services and consulting firm acknowledge is technically not a word, at least not one that can be found in a dictionary or be used to score points in Scrabble. The made-up term represents how artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies can ...

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    2. Artificial Intelligence Examples: 20 AI Shaping Your Life

      More Articles » (Page 1 of 2) To many people, artificial intelligence (AI) seems like a futuristic — and possibly frightening — concept. But the truth is that many Web services and technology companies have been quietly building AI capabilities into their products for some time. In fact, if you've been online or used a mobile device today, you probably encountered an AI, perhaps without realizing it. People use the term artificial intelligence to describe a wide range of different capabilities.

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    3. Top 20 Artificial Intelligence Companies

      Top 20 Artificial Intelligence Companies

      Top 20 Artificial Intelligence Companies These artificial intelligence companies are advancing this emerging tech through myriad variations on AI systems. More Articles » Artificial intelligence companies are sprouting up all over, though AI itself is far from new. At its deepest sense, artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for a very long time — its intellectual roots are found in Greek mythology .

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