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    1. Amazon Turns Up the Vocals

      Amazon Turns Up the Vocals

      Tweet SAN JOSE – Amazon released a version of its Alexa speech-recognition service to let developers enable apps for voice. The Lex service comes at a time when chip vendors, including Conexant, NXP and QuickLogic, are hopeful multiple OEMs will start shipping Alexa-like devices this year with their chips. The news marks the latest foray in a battle of cloud computing giants using machine learning to attract users.

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    2. Sitting Around on Your Zuckerbutt

      Sitting Around on Your Zuckerbutt

      Facebook CEO Zuckerberg AI experiment yields good news and bad news. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg built “Jarvis,” an artificial intelligence system, called Jarvis, to run his own home. Facebook CEO In a post on Facebook , Zuckerberg explained that he spent about 100 hours of his spare time over the last year building Jarvis. The simple AI system, customized to his own home, is now capable of choosing and playing music, turning lights on and off and recognizing visitors at the door.

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    3. Your A List for CES 2017

      Tweet PARIS — Ask any market researcher or industry analyst about what to watch for at the Consumer Electronics Show next month in Las Vegas and the “A” list you’ll almost certainly hear are Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality and Automotive. Currently off the hot list are IoT, wearables and Ultra High Definition TV. The pervasiveness of AI and AR/VR at the show will surely elevate them to the peak of the hype cycle.

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    4. Intel Snags Exec from ARM to Run IoT

      Intel Snags Exec from ARM to Run IoT Intel separates automotive team from IoT Tweet MADISON, Wis. — Fresh blood and a little reorganizations might be the key for Intel Corp. to succeed in two hot new markets – IoT and automotive – that will be crucial for its hopes to reduce its reliance on PCs as the company's main growth generator. Intel announced Tuesday that it will separate its nascent automotive team from the company’s IoT group.

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    5. Watson Use Proliferating

      Watson Use Proliferating

      Tweet LAKE WALES, Fla. — At the World of Watson conference (Las Vegas, Oct. 24-27, 2016) IBM announced new capabilities and implementation easers aimed at making its deep learning and artificial intelligence a closer match to the genuine intelligence of humans. Applications from advising users conversationally to managing drones that make automated roofing-repair estimates in less than five minutes dominated.

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    6. Google Does Consumer Electronics

      Google Does Consumer Electronics

      Tweet SAN FRANCISCO – October 4 was a big day for Google, the coming out of a new OEM inside the Web search giant. It may also mark a pivot for consumer electronics to an era driven by machine-learning services running in the cloud. The company launched two smartphones, a smart speaker, a virtual reality headset and a Wi-Fi access point. Its Pixel smartphones and Home smart speaker are the containers for its machine-learning Assistant, the company’s most strategic product of all.

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    7. Kaiser Permanente Foresaw Health Data Was King

      Kaiser Permanente Foresaw Health Data Was King

      Tweet Kaiser Permanente saw value of healthcare data early on. An interview with Dr. John Mattison, chief medical information officer, Kaiser Permanente, Southern California, tells why. “I’ve waited 20 years for today’s zeitgeist to arrive, bringing together deep learning and artificial intelligence to permit personalized medicine,” says Dr John Mattison, chief medical information officer (CMIO) at Kaiser Permanente, Southern California.

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    8. Take the Fact Check Challenge

      Take the Fact Check Challenge

      Tweet Engineers with innovative ideas about how to tell facts from falsehoods are invited to submit proposals in a competition with a $50,000 prize. Winston Churchill once said: “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” In the not too distant past, news was not just published, but curated. Inaccuracies were debunked and remained unpublished.

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