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    1. Content translation/Machine Translation/Yandex

      Content translation/Machine Translation/Yandex

      Key features [ edit ] No personal information is sent to Yandex . The MT system will be accessed via a publicly available API using a key. Article content (freely licensed) is sent to Yandex servers from Wikimedia Foundation servers. No direct communication is happening between the user and external services and no personal information (IP, username) is sent to Yandex servers. The client contacting Yandex servers is open source and you can check it here .

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    2. Extension:ContentTranslation

      Configuration variables [ edit ] This section is currently a draft. Material may not yet be complete, information may presently be omitted, and certain parts of the content may be subject to radical, rapid alteration. More information pertaining to this may be available on the talk page . For the full list and defaults, see extension.json in the source repository. ContentTranslationExperimentalFeatures Not used at the moment. Was used in the past for testing experimental features.

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    3. Topic:Tpeyc9o4vl6xua21

      ( talk contribs ) Apologies if it was requested before. At present the machine translation implemented in "Context translation" tool, produces typical machine translation gibberish, doesn't convert citations etc. This, in itself, does not make the tool useless (it is good for creating links, moving pictures etc.) and it can be a nice help for an experienced (and sensible) editor.

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    4. Topic:Todbpg8b08gryy5e

      ( talk contribs ) I think there should be a sorting feature to get suggestions. And also a feature could be added to the pages to request a translation so we could choose the "most requested" articles to translate; also "most viewed pages" could be added to this sorting besides categories like History, Science etc. "suggested articles" algorithm doesn't provide a value here in deciding what to translate.

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    5. Topic:Tmezgvgkciel90r2

      ( talk contribs ) Content Translation and Google Translate are distinct and unrelated. Content Translation is not a machine translation or automatic translation tool. Content Translation is a working environment for human wiki editors that helps creating the first revision of an article by translating an existing article from another language. It automatically helps to adapt images, links, footnotes, templates and some other formatting elements.

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    6. Topic:Tkhachbprfzrs4r9

      ( talk contribs ) On opening the tool this time, I see nothing on the translated side. In fact the tool seems to be stuck as the three expanding and shrinking dots, usually indicating a machine translation in progress, keep going endlessly. I made a screenshot but haven't yet discovered how to post it. In any case the translation is blank except for the three dots. In case it is helpful, I might add that this is a long article which I have been translating in Word for at least 5-6 months.

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    7. Help:Extension:Translate/ar


      ٤ To do المميزات The translation editor: a message with a tip (not visible in image) and suggestions from two assistant languages Interface: The main feature of the Translate extension is a simple yet functional translation interface. Besides the essential information like message definition and documentation, you can also view translations in other languages. If a definition has changed, you will see the changes.

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    8. Help:Extension:Translate/Installation

      (optional) PHPlot for statistics graphs (optional) Syck or phpyaml for faster and better YAML parsing and generation (optional) ElasticSearch for advanced search features and translation memory (optional) Internet access on the server for machine translation services Note : PHP must be installed with the curl module to allow for the translation suggestion feature. MediaWiki needs to have the job queue set up correctly. If your job queue is not processed, nothing will work in Translate.

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      Mentions: PHP APC
    9. Content translation/MT Clients

      Content translation/MT Clients

      Technical requirements [ edit ] Communication diagram of MT Client A new MT client can be a locally hosted machine translation system or a remote machine translation system accessed through API. API based services are recommended since that allows to isolate it as a service. If the client is free licensed and better packaged for Linux distros, we can consider hosting it in Wikimedia cluster. For example, Apertium is hosted inside wmflabs. On the other hand, Yandex is not hosted by Wikimedia.

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      Mentions: Yandex API
    10. Content translation/Apertium/Service

      We are introducing our first self-hosted service for CX : Apertium. Apertium provides machine translation (MT), which is critical component for CX. Why Apertium as service? [ edit ] 1. WMF Language Engineering team (LE) works with Apertium developers closely in reporting bugs and getting Apertium improved. We need to use recent version of Apertium and its fixes and also need to keep it up to date.

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    11. Topic:Thfk7809gf8egtb9

      ( talk contribs ) as far as i see: no it should not. it's doing what it's supposed to do. you probably don't understand the purpose and limits of this kind of software. the cx tool is there to assist you with translation and adapting the source article, not to do all the work for you. (note that translation of natural language texts is not really a solved problem.) prefilling your translation form with a bad machine translation is often worse than giving you the original text to adapt.

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    12. Content translation/Announcements/Announcement-October2014/vls

      Highlights from this version [ edit ] Automatic adaptation of categories. Text formatting with a simple toolbar in the Chrome browser. In Firefox, this support is limited only to keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl-B for bold, Ctrl-I for italics). Bi-directional machine translation support for Spanish and Portuguese Machine translation support from Catalan to Spanish Paragraph alignment improvements to better match original and translated sentences.

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    13. Content translation/Machine Translation/Youdao

      Content translation/Machine Translation/Youdao

      4.8 Can this content be used for improving machine translation systems in general? Machine translation support for Content Translation has now been further expanded. In addition to Apertium and Yandex, Youdao machine translation (MT) system will also be enabled for translation between Chinese, and English, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

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    14. Topic:Tbyq5t6rijfkwynl

      ( talk contribs ) This is the text of the "Multilingualism" section of WikiDev17/Topic ideas as of this writing How can we make our websites better support languages other than English (and character sets other than Latin)? Doubling down on Machine Translation Annotation service to record fine-grained translation correspondences between wikis over time (not just at the time of first translation) Suggestion service to suggest new edits to wiki A when translated text wiki B is modified (or vice-versa) Refactoring existing language converter pairs as (sometimes trivial) translation engines, eg cyrillic-to-latin Building a translation engine in house, training it with translated ...

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