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    1. Adding Individual Insights to the Patient Experience Toolkit

      Blog Post · September 21, 2016 Paul Rosen, MD, MPH, MMM Health care systems are acutely aware of the imperative to enhance the patient experience and ensure patient engagement. Partnering with patients, reducing wait times, delivering effective care, reducing pain and suffering, and providing safe, high-reliability care are key issues that have become a priority for health care leaders. Metrics to capture the patient experience have been evolving.

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    2. The Patient as Consumer and the Measurement of Bedside Manner - Nejm Catalyst

      Blog Post · August 2, 2016 Paul Rosen, MD, MPH, MMM The field of patient experience has emerged over the past decade. Like patient safety in its infancy, this field has not been fully embraced by the health care industry. While measuring customer experience in order to improve may seem like a noncontroversial standard practice in most other industries, the practice is not entirely accepted among physicians.

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