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    1. The future of data at scale

      The future of data at scale

      Subscribe to the O’Reilly Radar Podcast to track the technologies and people that will shape our world in the years to come. In March 2015, database pioneer Michael Stonebraker was awarded the 2014 ACM Turing Award “for fundamental contributions to the concepts and practices underlying modern database systems.” In this week’s Radar Podcast, O’Reilly’s Mike Hendrickson sits down with Stonebraker to talk about winning the award, the future of data science, and the importance — and difficulty — of data curation. Stonebraker notes that since about 2000, everyone has realized they need a database system, across markets and ...

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    2. What it takes to build great machine learning products

      What it takes to build great machine learning products
      Rich machine learning products come from skilled and knowledgeable teams. by Aria Haghighi | @aria42 | +Aria Haghighi | Comment | 16 April 2012 Tweet Machine learning (ML) is all the rage, riding tight on the coattails of the "big data" wave. Like most technology hype, the enthusiasm far exceeds the realization of actual products. Arguably, not since Google's tremendous innovations in the late '90s/early 2000s has algorithmic technology le
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    3. Four short links: 4 February 2011 - Intellectual Property, Javascript Charting, Open Source Advice, and Java-based ...

      Access to Knowledge in the Age of Intellectual Property (MIT Press) -- with essays by knowledgeable folks such as Yochai Benkler, Larry Lessig, and Jo Walsh. Available as open access (free) ebook as well as paper. I love it that we can download these proper intellectuals' intellectual property. (via BoingBoing) AwesomeChartJS -- Apache-licensed Javascript library for charting. (via Hacker...
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    4. Four short links: 6 October 2010 - Poetry Translation, Smartphone Sales, Freedom for Machines to Read Information, and ...

      “Poetic” Statistical Machine Translation: Rhyme and Meter (PDF) -- Google Research paper on how to machine translate text into poetry. This is the best paper I've read in a long time: clever premise, straightforward implementation, and magnificent results. There's a very workable translation of Oscar Wilde's "Ballad of Reading Gaol" into a different meter, which you'll know isn't easy...
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      Mentions: Google Research
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