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    1. Businesses Prepare to Plug Into Google's AI Ecosystem

      Google's big event today was all about mobile, but Google CEO Sundar Pichai made a point of starting with a new mantra: Google isn't a mobile-first company, but "AI-first." For Google, that means a convergence of machine learning, the Google Knowledge Graph, voice and image recognition natural language processing (NLP), and conversational artificial intelligence all packaged into Google Assistant.

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    2. How Your Relationship Drama Will Train Future Robot Therapists

      In 2028, as you lie back on your retro-futuristic couch and spill your guts to your disembodied, artificially intelligent, cloud-based therapist service, you might want to thank mobile app Textpert . Because in 2016, Textpert crowdsourced countless questions about love, and a lot of helpful answers from anonymous bystanders, to build a deep database about affairs of the heart.

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    3. Say What? Neural Networks Give Google Translate a Boost | News & Opinion

      Google Translate often serves up some laughable results, but that could become a thing of the past with Google Neural Machine Translation (GNMT), which is currently at work on Chinese-to-English translations. "Rapid advances in machine intelligence have improved our speech recognition and image recognition capabilities, but improving machine translation remains a challenging goal," Quoc V. Le and Mike Schuster, Google Brain Team research scientists, wrote in a blog post .

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    4. Search Like You Talk on Google Drive

      Search Like You Talk on Google Drive

      Google is making it a lot easier to find things saved in Drive . The cloud storage service now supports Natural Language Processing for search, which "is a fancy way of saying [you can now] 'search like you talk,'" Google Drive Product Manager Josh Smith wrote in a Tuesday blog post . So, when you're looking for a specific file in Drive on the Web, you can now, for instance, type things like " find my budget spreadsheet from last December," or "show me presentations from Anissa."

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    5. Salesforce Brings Artificial Intelligence to CRM With Einstein

      The near future of artificial intelligence (AI) won't be defined by ushering in a race of sentient machines. While we're inching closer to the goal of AI brain mapping , the next era of AI will be more about imbuing the software and applications we use every day with deep learning, machine learning, predictive analytics, and natural language processing (NLP). Those capabilities will run under the surface, along with serving as tools upon which to build.

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    6. Facebook's 'Multilingual Composer' Makes Multi-Languages Posts Easy - Pc Magazine

      Facebook's 'Multilingual Composer' Makes Multi-Languages Posts Easy - Pc Magazine

      Facebook's 'Multilingual Composer' Makes Multi-Languages Posts Easy Facebook's 'Multilingual Composer' Makes Multi-Languages Posts Easy 10 Comments You'll be able to write posts in multiple languages, and they'll appear in whatever language your friends preference on their own Facebook accounts. Want to practice your language skills? Want to force your friends to copy and paste everything you're saying into Google Translate?

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    7. MATRIX is Building an Internet of Things That Actually Works

      MATRIX is Building an Internet of Things That Actually Works

      The Internet of Things (IoT) is everywhere . Every connected device, be it for home automation , automobiles, or next-gen manufacturing and retail is marketed as "smart." The problem is, up to this point, much of what we've seen from IoT is the foundation; laying the "connected things" infrastructure and imbuing every device in sight with sensors and connectivity. Now the embedded appliances and devices in this ecosystem need to start talking to each other.

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    8. Twilio, T-Mobile Want to Connect Developers to Internet of Things | Fox Business

      Twilio, T-Mobile Want to Connect Developers to Internet of Things | Fox Business

      Twilio, T-Mobile Want to Connect Developers to Internet of Things By Stephanie Mlot Cloud communications firm Twilio this week teamed up this week with T-Mobile for Programmable Wireless , a program intended to make it easier—and less expensive—for developers to connect with the Internet of Things (IoT). Continue Reading Below "Modernizing communications and moving it into the realm of software has been Twilio's mission from day one," CEO Jeff Lawson said in a statement.

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    9. Hey Google, Where's the Beef?

      Hey Google, Where's the Beef?

      Google I/O in the year of 2016 will likely be remembered as one of the strangest technology conferences of the decade. For one thing, it's unusual for attendees to receive swag bags with water bottles and sunscreen. I can't remember having to bring an umbrella (not for rain, but for shade), a jacket, and extra deoderant to any tech event. But stranger still was that after Google's top leaders presented their vision for the year, the most tantalizing bits were still to come.

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    10. Fix the Cloud, or Give Up

      I've long had mixed feelings about online subscription services and the cloud in general, especially when its usefulness pales in comparison to workstation-centric computing. If I can buy 5TB of portable hard disk storage for $150, why should I be spending $10 a month for sub-terabyte cloud storage for my backups? Offsite storage safety? Well, I can keep the backup drive in a safe deposit box at the bank, the trunk of the car, at a friend's house, or in a fireproof safe at home.

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    11. Google Adds Customized Translations for Website Owners

      The Internet is full of human error, but Google is doing its part to curb translation mistakes by relying on human intelligence. In defense of the occasional translation mix-up, Google this week launched a new feature, still in beta, that lets website owners customize the translation of content on their sites. "While we've kept improving our machine translation system since [launching], we may not reach perfection until someone invents full-blown Artificial Intelligence," Jeff Chin, a Google Tra
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