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    1. Theme 3: Things will get better

      Theme 3: Things will get better

      By Lee Rainie , Janna Anderson and Jonathan Albright The more hopeful among these respondents cited a series of changes they expect in the next decade that could improve the tone of online life. They believe: Technical and human solutions will arise as the online world splinters into segmented, controlled social zones with the help of artificial intelligence (AI ). Anti-harassment is a technologically solvable problem.

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    2. Theme 1: Algorithms will continue to spread everywhere

      By Janna Anderson and Lee Rainie Nearly all of these respondents see the great advantages of the algorithms that are already changing how connected institutions and people live and work. A significant majority expects them to continue to proliferate – mostly invisibly – and expects that there will be an exponential rise in their influence. They say this will bring many benefits and some challenges.

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