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    1. Baidu's chief scientist Ng to depart in setback for AI push

      Baidu's chief scientist Ng to depart in setback for AI push

      By Bloomberg / Bloomberg | March 22, 2017 : 3:11 PM MYT Translated by Google Translator: Translated by Google Translator: BEIJING (March 22): The chief scientist helping drive Baidu Inc’s push into artificial intelligence is quitting the Chinese search giant, putting at risk its efforts to put AI at the center of a business revival. Andrew Ng, a Stanford University academic who worked on deep learning at Alphabet Inc before joining Baidu in 2014, said he’s leaving the business next month.

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    2. Baidu goes all out on AI

      Baidu goes all out on AI

      By Bloomberg / Bloomberg 44 (March 17): On Dec 6, 2016, thousands of translators filed into office buildings across mainland China to pore over brochures, letters, and technical manuals, all in foreign languages, painstakingly rendering their texts in Chinese characters. This marathon carried on for 15 hours a day for an entire month. Clients that supplied the material received professional-grade Chinese versions of the originals at a bargain price.

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