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    1. What Does Your Tattoo Say?

      What Does Your Tattoo Say?

      Redditor chojurou posted a picture of a friend's tattoo. When people ask him what his tattoo says, he replies, "I don't know, I don't speak Chinese." And that is literally what it says. Those who read Chinese pointed out that it appears to be a machine translation, rendered in typewriter font instead of calligraphy, but it says what it says. Southernnfratty gave us a little more information. 中國話 is kind of a dated way to say "Chinese" (almost like how you'd say/write it in Japanese, actually).

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    2. Cityscape Blinds

      Cityscape Blinds

      • 1 As someone who has worked third shift, and even now naps in the daylight hors, I consider blackout blinds a miracle. They sure beat taping aluminum foil over the windows (which I never did, but had to live with at one time). But look at how cool these blackout blinds are! Strategic small holes make them into a nighttime city skyline. The blinds are from a Ukrainian company named HoleRoll .

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