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    1. Chromatin accessibility prediction via convolutional long short-term memory networks with k -mer embedding

      Advanced Search Abstract Motivation: Experimental techniques for measuring chromatin accessibility are expensive and time consuming, appealing for the development of computational approaches to predict open chromatin regions from DNA sequences. Along this direction, existing methods fall into two classes: one based on handcrafted k -mer features and the other based on convolutional neural networks.

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    2. A Semantic Sentence Similarity Estimation System For The Biomedical Domain

      Advanced Search Abstract Motivation: The amount of information available in textual format is rapidly increasing in the biomedical domain. Therefore, natural language processing (NLP) applications are becoming increasingly important to facilitate the retrieval and analysis of these data. Computing the semantic similarity between sentences is an important component in many NLP tasks including text retrieval and summarization.

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      Discourse, Entailment, Machine Translation, NER, Parsing, Segmentation, Semantic, Sentiment, Summarization, WSD