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    1. Time-sensitive content update

      In one embodiment, a method includes determining available media content from one or more content sources and providing at least a portion of the available media content for display in a programming guide on a display device of a user. The programming guide includes a plurality of entries each associated with one of the available media content. The method further includes determining that an update action button should be displayed on the display device, providing the update action button for display on the display device when it is determined that the update action button should be displayed, and updating the ...

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    2. Intelligent audio output devices

      An audio output device may include one or more audio sensors configured to detect ambient sound and noises around the audio output device. The audio output device may include a controller configured to analyze the detected sound and noises and may adjust audio settings of the audio output device accordingly. In an embodiment, the controller may analyze and recognize that the detected noise is another person's attempt to get the user's attention or to talk to the user, such as audio sound of the user's name. In response, the controller may stop the audio output or lower ...

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    3. Question answering system-based generation of distractors using machine learning

      Generating distractors for text-based MCT items. An MCT item stem is received. The stem is transmitted to a QA system and a plurality of candidate answers related to the stem is received from the QA system. Incorrect answers in the plurality of candidate answers are identified. Textual features are extracted from the stem. A set of semantic criteria associated with the extracted textual features is generated. Based on the generated semantic criteria, a subset of the incorrect candidate answers is selected.

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    4. Data analytics computing resource provisioning based on computed cost and time parameters for proposed computing resource configurations

      A work package is obtained defining a data analytic plan for analyzing a given data set associated with a given data problem. The work package is generated in accordance with an automated data analytics lifecycle. The data analytic plan and the given data set are analyzed. Based on at least a portion of results of the analysis, at least one of a cost parameter and a time parameter is computed for one or more computing resource configurations proposed for implementing the data analytic plan. One of the one or more computing resource configurations is selected based on at least one ...

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    5. Realtime ingestion via multi-corpus knowledge base with weighting

      An approach is provided for updating corpora in a Question and Answer (QA) system. Ingestion of a first set of sources into a first corpus and a second set of sources into a second corpus with the second set of sources including updates to the first set of sources. A question is received. The system identifies candidate answers to the question using the sources included in the corpuses. Each candidate answer has a weighting. The system determines whether the first and second corpuses have an overlapping source from which two candidate answers were identified. If an overlapping source is found ...

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    6. On-device query rewriting

      Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, relating to on-device query annotating. In some implementations, a search query is received, and a mobile device identifies a reference to a particular entity and a reference to a category based on the query. A model that is stored on the mobile device and stores one or more facts that are associated with one or more entities is accessed. A subset of facts from among the facts that are stored in the model for the particular entity is selected. The search query is annotated based at least ...

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    7. Multicultural communication management

      Disclosed aspects include initiating an electronic communication configured to be transmitted to a first intended recipient. Based on a set of profile data, a first cultural indicator may be identified for the first intended recipient. Using a natural language processing technique, a cultural element of the electronic communication may be detected. Based on both the first cultural indicator and the cultural element, a first cultural-version of the cultural element may be determined for the first intended recipient. Using the first cultural-version, a cultural translation object may be established in the electronic communication. In response to establishing the cultural translation object ...

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    8. Signaling device for teaching learning devices

      Various embodiments for conducting proxy teaching for learning devices within a decentralized system, including an embodiment method with operations for obtaining, by a teacher signaling device, objectives data related to activities of one or more of the learning devices, generating, by the teacher signaling device, teaching routines based on the obtained objectives data, and broadcasting, by the teacher signaling device, teaching signals configured to teach one or more of the learning devices based on the generated teaching routines. Other embodiments may obtain objectives data by requesting reflex information from the learning devices or intercepting event report messages transmitted by the ...

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    9. System and method for adding advertisements to a location-based advertising system

      A location-based advertising system automatically analyzes messages posted on social networking systems or other publicly accessible or private computer systems for posting messages for viewing by others. The messages are analyzed to identify messages that contain offers, such as offers that may be construed as location-based offers. Information about the offers is extracted from the messages and placed in a database. The database may be used by a location-based advertising application to send advertisements to targeted users or to respond to user who are qualified according to their current or recent geographic location. Optionally or alternatively, merchants may send messages ...

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    10. Systems and methods for virtual agent recommendation for multiple persons

      Systems, methods, and apparatus for implementing at least one virtual agent. In some embodiments, the at least one virtual agent is programmed to analyze first information regarding a first person; analyze second information regarding a second person different from the first person; and make a joint recommendation for a plurality of persons based at least in part on the first and second information, wherein the plurality of persons comprises the first person and the second person.

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    11. Promotion code validation apparatus and method

      A method including interacting with a promotion code provider programmatically, providing a promotion code to a validation function of the promotion code provider, and evaluating a response from the promotion code provider. The act of interacting with a promotion code provider can include controlling an interface that simulates user actions, such as but not limited to controlling an in-memory web browser through an API, where the API provides a set of functions for simulating user actions. Accordingly, the method can be used to quickly and easily determine whether one or more promotion codes, such as online coupons, are valid.

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    12. Allowing a user to easily collaborate with users from outside organizations where the user has visitor status by selecting an object associated with the outside organization that is displayed on the user interface of the user's computing device

      A method, system and computer program product for allowing a user to easily collaborate with users from different organizations. In response to authenticating the user to access the environment of the user's home organization, a list of outside organizations where the user has visitor status is obtained. Outside organization(s) in the list of outside organizations that have content to be viewed by the user are identified. An object associated with the user's home organization, objects associated with the outside organizations where the user has visitor status as well as indications (e.g., star) associated with those outside ...

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    13. Automated assessment of examination scripts

      Embodiments herein provide automated assessment of examination scripts, such as English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) examination scripts, written in response to prompts eliciting free text answers. In an embodiment, the task may be defined as discriminative preference ranking. Further, a system employing such methodology may be trained and tested on a corpus of manually-graded scripts. Embodiments herein, unlike extant solutions, are relatively prompt-insensitive and resistant to subversion, even if the operating principles are known. Embodiments may also detect scripts which are linguistically good but non-responsive to prompts such as memorized responses.

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    14. Ingestion plan based on table uniqueness

      Embodiments of the present invention disclose a method, computer program product, and system for a computer implemented method for processing tabular data. In various embodiments, an electronic document is received through a network, along with associated metadata. A plurality of table markers, or tabular data markers, are identified, in response to analyzing the received electronic document for said markers. References and citations associated with the plurality of tabular data markers are identified. A graphical representation of the relationship between identified tabular data markers and the identified references is generated. A uniqueness score is calculated, based on the generated graph and ...

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    15. Physician and clinical documentation specialist workflow integration

      A medical documentation system and a CDI system may be linked together, or integrated, so there is a tie between the two systems that allows for a much more efficient and effective CDI process. In one disclosed embodiment, a medical documentation system transmits to a CDI system a structured data set including at least some information relating to one or more medical facts the medical documentation system automatically extracted from text documenting a patient encounter.

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      Mentions: CDI
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