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    1. Automatic case assignment based on learned expertise of prior caseload

      A mechanism is provided in a data processing system for automatic case assignment. The mechanism extracts features from a machine readable form of a case to be assigned. An expertise classifier generates an initial case assignment matrix matching the case to a plurality of caseworkers based on the extracted features, a caseworker relationship graph, and an entity relationship graph. A personnel filter filters the initial case assignment matrix based on expertise, availability, and caseload of the plurality of caseworkers to form a final caseworker assignment. The mechanism assigns the case to an identified caseworker based on the final caseworker assignment.

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    2. Method for identifying verifiable statements in text

      A method, system and computer-usable medium are disclosed for identifying verifiable statements in a corpus of text. A training corpus of text containing manually annotated instances of verifiable and non-verifiable statements is processed to parse the text into segmented statements, which are in turn processed to extract features. The extracted features and the annotated statements are then processed with a machine learning algorithm to generate a verifiable statement classification model. In turn, the verifiable statement classification model is referenced by a verifiable statement classification system to distinguish verifiable and non-verifiable statements contained within an input corpus of text.

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    3. Digital device and method for controlling the same

      A method of controlling a digital television, the method includes displaying content or application being executed on a display screen of the digital television, receiving a first signal requesting a menu to be displayed, and displaying the requested menu, overlaid on the display screen, wherein the menu includes a first part and a second part, wherein the first part displays at least one menu item corresponding to previously displayed content or previously executed application, and wherein the second part displays at least one menu item corresponding to content or an application executable in the digital television.

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    4. Inferring the location of users in online social media platforms using social network analysis

      Described is a system for inferring the location of users in online social media platforms using social network analysis. A social network is first extracted from data from at least one social media platform. A mapping is generated from each user to the user's estimated geographical location in the social network, resulting in an estimated location mapping. A mapping is generated from each user to the user's known geographical location, if known, resulting in a known location mapping. The estimated location mapping is updated to match the known location mapping. The location for each user j in the ...

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    5. System and method for protecting specified data combinations

      A method in one example implementation includes extracting a plurality of data elements from a record of a data file, tokenizing the data elements into tokens, and storing the tokens in a first tuple of a registration list. The method further includes selecting one of the tokens as a token key for the first tuple, where the token is selected because it occurs less frequently in the registration list than each of the other tokens in the first tuple. In specific embodiments, at least one data element is an expression element having a character pattern matching a predefined expression pattern ...

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    6. Modifying rich media components for an interactive email

      An interactive email experience is customized to the recipient's interests by modifying rich media components provided by the email based on the recipient's interactions with other rich media components from the email. To facilitate the interactive email experience, rich media components are provided by a marketer for an email campaign with mapping information mapping product features to portions of the rich media components. When an email is sent with links to the rich media components, the recipient's interactions with a rich media component is tracked. Product features are ranked based on the recipient's interactions with various ...

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    7. Backlighting a fabric enclosure of a flexible cover

      Fabric enclosure backlighting techniques are described. In one or more implementations, one or more translucent portions are formed within a plurality of layers of a fabric enclosure assembly. In one approach, regions within one or multiple layers are laser etched to form the translucent portions within the fabric enclosure assembly. A light source is then arranged to selectively transmit light through the layers via the translucent portions to provide backlight for one or more elements integrated with fabric enclosure assembly. The one or more elements may include representations of input keys and/or graphics associated with the fabric enclosure assembly ...

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    8. Analyzing speech delivery

      In an aspect of the present disclosure, a method for analyzing the speech delivery of a user is disclosed including presenting to the user a plurality of speech delivery analysis criteria, receiving from the user a selection of at least one of the speech delivery analysis criterion, receiving, from at least one sensing device, speech data captured by the at least one sensing device during the delivery of a speech by the user, transmitting the speech data and the selected at least one speech delivery analysis criterion to an analysis engine for analysis based on the selected at least one ...

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    9. Methods and systems for determining ranking of dialogue sticker based on situation and preference information

      Provided is a method of determining the ranking of dialogue stickers based on situation and preference information. The method includes: analyzing utterances between the first user terminal and the second user terminal and selecting a sticker candidate group to be recommended to the first user terminal; calculating an expression suitability based on the preference and situation information in regard to the selected sticker candidate group; and determining the ranking of stickers in the order of suitability and then recommending a higher ranked sticker to the first user terminal.

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    10. Triggering a session with a virtual companion

      A user of a device may interact with a character presented by the device. A session between the user and the character may be started by a user, may be triggered by an event, or may be started in other ways. The user of the of the device may be associated with one or more trigger events. Information about the trigger events may be obtained and processed to determine when a trigger event has occurred. When a trigger event has occurred, a session may be started on the device with the character. A segment may be selected to be presented ...

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    11. Avatar-based transfer protocols, icon generation and doll animation

      Systems and methods may provide for identifying one or more facial expressions of a subject in a video signal and generating avatar animation data based on the one or more facial expressions. Additionally, the avatar animation data may be incorporated into an audio file associated with the video signal. In one example, the audio file is sent to a remote client device via a messaging application. Systems and methods may also facilitate the generation of avatar icons and doll animations that mimic the actual facial features and/or expressions of specific individuals.

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    12. Providing content in a timeslot on a client computing device

      In particular embodiments, a client computing device identifies an available timeslot for displaying content on a screen. The client computing device notifies one or more applications of the available timeslot and receives from each of one or more applications a bid to fill the available timeslot with content associated with the application. Each bid indicates the application, indicates a format of the content associated with the application, and provides at least a portion of the content associated with the application. The client computing device selects one of the bids and displays in the available timeslot on the screen the content ...

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    13. Concepts for providing an enhanced media presentation

      Computer program products, methods, systems, apparatus, and computing entities are provided for providing an enhanced media presentation. In one embodiment, an enhanced media presentation is provided. To provide the enhanced media presentation, one or more content items associated with subject matter associated with a segment of an enhanced media presentation are identified. Each content item may be associated with at least one uniform resource identifier. Then, a content object based at least in part on at least one content item is created. The content object is an abstract representation of the content item. The content object can be associated with ...

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