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    1. Trump's First 100 Days Show a President Obsessed With 'Fake News'—and Twitter

      On 4/28/17 at 12:59 PM Close U.S. Donald Trump Twitter First 100-days President Donald Trump’s habit of sharing his unfiltered thoughts online hasn’t let up during the first 100 days of the "Tweeter in Chief’s" administration. Trump has used the social media platform to attack his enemies and “fake news” as well as promote his television appearances and the “great” meetings he’s having to—in his words—bypass "dishonest media" and speak directly to his base.

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    2. Meet the Robot that Prints and Burns Donald Trump's Tweets

      Meet the Robot that Prints and Burns Donald Trump's Tweets

      — Burned Your Tweet (@burnedyourtweet) March 29, 2017 As its Twitter bio says, @burnedyourtweet's mission is simple: "Giving Trump's tweets the attention they deserve." This isn't the first time automation has been used to troll Trump and his supporters. During the election, a battle of bots raged in the replies to Trump's tweets. Win the coveted "first" tweet response and you were rewarded with valuable visibility.

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