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    2. Programming by Demonstration Using Version Space Algebra

      Programming by demonstration using version space algebra Tessa Lau (tessalau@us.ibm.com) IBM T.J. Watson Research, 30 Saw Mill River Parkway, Hawthorne, NY 10532 Steven A. Wolfman (wolf@cs.washington.edu), Pedro Domingos (pedrod@cs.washington.edu) and Daniel S. Weld (weld@cs.washington.edu) University of Washington, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Seattle, WA 98195 Abstract. Programming by demonstration enables users to easily personalize their applications, automating ...
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    3. Method And Apparatus For Electronically Extracting Application Specific Multidimensional Information From Documents Selected From A Set Of Documents Electronically Extracted From A Library Of Electronically Searchable Documents

      ...an Francisco, 1998, pp 194-218 (the disclosure of which is hereby incorporated by reference. In G. Barish, C. A. Knoblock,Y. S. Chen, S. Minton, A. Philpot, and C. Shahabi, Theaterloc: ACase Studyin Information Integrati...
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