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    1. So my belief is that we need technology – those of us who want to have a chance to take a walk outside and breathe the fresh air once in a while or be with our kids – to help us manage the flow of information.
      In New Endeavors Aim To Build A Better Internet
    2. I would ask that no Extenze commercial ever air again. Creepy and sad.
      In Overtone Raises Almost $2.5M to Expand Online Monitoring Business
    3. As the former Chief Information Officer for the United States Air Force, one of my great passions became knowledge management. The future lies in tying disparate databases into fuzed, consumable and structured information that yields decision superiority. Given that we have created digital landfills, with all the data we indiscriminately placed in storage, it must be transformed and made discoverable in actionable terms for decision makers. Digital Reasoning goes beyond knowledge management into knowledge discovery - being able to extrapolate meaning from unstructured data.
      In Former U.S. Air Force Chief Information Officer Joins Digital ...