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    Argentina, officially the Argentine Republic (Spanish: República Argentina, , Nación Argentina (Argentine Nation) for many legal purposes), is a South American country, second in size in the continent to Brazil and eighth in the world. Argentina occupies a continental surface area of 2,766,890 km² (1,078,000 sq mi) between the Andes mountain range in the west and the southern Atlantic Ocean in the east and south.

    It is bordered by Paraguay and Bolivia in the north, Brazil and Uruguay in the northeast, and Chile in the west and south. The country claims the British controlled territories of the Falkland Islands and South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. Under the name of Argentine Antarctica, it claims 969,464 km² (374,312 sq mi) of Antarctica, overlapping other claims made by Chile and the United Kingdom."

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    1. The support that some academic teams receive from Microsoft Research is significant. In my case, an interdisciplinary team I am part of, obtained an RFP grant from the Latin American and Caribbean Collaborative ICT Research Federation to develop an application that will help contribute to the competitiveness of the agribusiness sector, which is fundamental to the socioeconomic development in Argentina.
      Gabriel Baum in President of Argentina and Head of Microsoft External Research Address Research Capacity and Opportunities in Latin America