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    1. We are delighted to complete Patent Translate today to provide the world's most comprehensive multilingual platform for patent information.
      In Patent Translate coverage complete
    2. After forty years, we can say that the EPC, which created the European Patent Office, has provided the ground for building a real success, not only from a technical point of view but also in its European and political dimension.
      In Promoting a Unified Market for Innovation and Technology in Europe: European Patent Convention Celebrates 40th ...
    3. This revolutionary approach makes some of the most obscure languages in the world understandable to anyone with Internet access.
      In SDL Researchers Nominated for Prestigious European Inventor Award and Recognized for Creating a New Market
    4. These cutting-edge inventions show that continues to be a world leader in innovation in all areas of technology from engineering to medicine to computers.
      In Fifteen Pioneering Inventors Nominated for European Inventor Award
    5. For the first time in the history of the European patent system Russian-language patents will be made available to the users This agreement breaks new ground in the relationship between the EPO and Russia.
      In EPO and Russia sign agreement on machine translation
    6. Patent translate enables businesses and innovators to identify relevant patent documents and to translate them in their own language.
      In European Patent Office and Google deliver new patent translation service
    7. The launch today is a landmark towards the removal of language barriers worldwide from patent documentation
      In EPO and Google remove language barriers from patent documentation
    8. With this agreement, Japan and the EPO have reached another milestone in their long-standing co‑operation to develop efficient structures and services in the international patent system
      In JPO and the EPO agree on cooperation in the field of machine translation
    9. The goal is to break down language barriers and make patent information accessible to users of the patent system, especially to SMEs; and to reduce translation costs, thus making European companies competitive in global markets.
      In EPO and member states review co-operation policy
    10. This is another important step towards the establishment of unitary patent protection for Europe.
      In Unitary patent takes shape