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    1. More and more people are interacting on the Internet and writing English for business, academic and personal communications. Blog and forum communities flourish, and there generally seems to be no end to the extent at which desktop writing is growing. The consequence of all this is that WhiteSmoke will venture further afield in its attempt to provide the best solution available to any English writing purposes.
      Hilla Ovil-Brenner in Enhanced Tool Makes Writing Better English Faster and Simpler With ...
    2. As a research organisation, you want to hire the best and brightest people. That's what we did in China six years ago. Ultimately, the work that will be going on there will be based on the people we hire.
      Rick Rashid in Microsoft opens up in Bangalore
    3. The partnership between The Q Group and WhiteSmoke brings the full power of our best-of-breed grammar engine to The Q Group users, helping them to improve their writing and learn from their mistakes. It also signals the first stage in the expansion of WhiteSmoke's grammar and writing technologies beyond our desktop applications to fully embedded SaaS solutions for other service providers. WhiteSmoke offers the next development beyond the standard spell checkers found in various email clients, CMS editors, browsers and toolbars - a grammar checker that corrects grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
      In WhiteSmoke's OEM Grammar Engine Embedded in the Q Group's Online ...