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    1. The partnership between The Q Group and WhiteSmoke brings the full power of our best-of-breed grammar engine to The Q Group users, helping them to improve their writing and learn from their mistakes. It also signals the first stage in the expansion of WhiteSmoke's grammar and writing technologies beyond our desktop applications to fully embedded SaaS solutions for other service providers. WhiteSmoke offers the next development beyond the standard spell checkers found in various email clients, CMS editors, browsers and toolbars - a grammar checker that corrects grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
      In WhiteSmoke's OEM Grammar Engine Embedded in the Q Group's Online ...
    2. This Connector sets a new benchmark for how rich, fast, and scalable the interaction of a CMS with translation providers can be.
      In Clay Tablet Technologies Releases Sitecore Translation Connector Version 3.0
    3. The Lewin Group and CMS believe that improving care transitions and reducing hospital admissions will help improve patient care and reduce costs for care providers.
      In CMS Selects The Lewin Group for Project to Reduce Hospital Readmissions, Improve Outcomes for Medicare Patients