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    1. OptumInsight's patented NLP technology is helping hospitals increase coder accuracy and productivity today. It will help support the transition to the more complex ICD-10 code system, and information used for measuring quality, best practice adherence and documentation improvement.
      Mark Morsch in OptumInsight's LifeCode® Natural Language Processing Technology Receives U.S. Patent
    2. We were concerned with our ability to maintain best practices in the face of ever-expanding audits and the implementation of ICD-10. With Actus, we believe we will be able to increase coder productivity, enhance accuracy to improve case mix index, reduce our coding timeline and help prepare for ICD-10 changes.
      In Thirty Hospitals Implement OptumInsight Coding Solution for Accurate Hospital ...
    3. This exciting Robotic Computer Automated Coding approach is completely unique from other Computer Assisted Coding offerings and helps hospitals improve the bottom line revenue cycle performance through increased speed, efficiency and elimination of coder variability.
      Stuart Covit in Artificial Medical Intelligence Announces Industry’s First Robotic Computer Automated Coding for Improved ROI at ...