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    2. Is real-time translation the future of global communication?

      Is real-time translation the future of global communication?
      by Oluseun Alufa, 11 December, 2012 The tech world is experiencing a surge in translation innovation. The sector has been growing in relevance as persistent advancements in communication technology continue to shrink our world. Major tech powers like Google and Microsoft have increased their R&D spend on new translator technology, culminating in an eye catching demo of an instant English-Chinese translator at a recent Microsoft eve
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    1. We are constantly on the watch of new trends in many cases announced by Common Sense Advisory. We analyze the market, listen to our customers' feedbacks so as to better anticipate the next steps.
      In euroscript Ranked 7th in Common Sense Advisory 2012 Top 100 Global Language Service Providers and 3rd in the Regional ...