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    In politics, a congress ("a gathering of people") is the name of the main legislative body in a state that operates under a congressional system of government. In non-political usage congress is a term applied to a large national or international grouping of people meeting together with common interests or concerns, e.g. an academic conference."

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    1. No matter how noble a policy goal may be, we have a steadfast obligation to respect the boundaries established by Congress through our authorizing statute.
      In FCC requires data-roaming agreements
    2. The nation has rallied behind this effort -- the military services have been joined by the White House, Congress, the VA, veteran and military service organizations and friends and family members around the world.
      In Deadline nears for veterans to claim retroactive Stop Loss Special Pay
    3. There is certainly support in Congress for child and maternal programs.
      Jonathan Linkous in Neonatal Telemedicine Could Save Medicare $186 Million