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    2. Computer-Based Assessment: From Objective Tests to Automated Essay Grading. Now for Automated Essay Writing?

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      ... marking the same essay. The next development in essay processing technology is automated essay writing. This development will present a new set of challenges for educators. The detection of automatically generated essay...
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    1. Hadoop has become an important computing environment for data-intensive applications and Yahoo! is playing a leading role in its development. We are excited about collaborating with Yahoo! on systems software research, helping to advance the state-of-the-art, and creating new research possibilities in this critical area.
      In Yahoo! Launches New Program to Advance Open-Source Software for ...
    2. We first saw the impact of having our real estate listings in foreign languages when the Alabama office of Economic Development went after the Hyundai plant.
      Jeffrey H. Newman in Immobel.com: Mobile, Alabama Real Estate Market Booms
    3. Education is one of the most important pillars for Ireland's continued economic development. It's vital that we support the connection between the world of education and the world of business, to ensure we continue to bring new ideas and expertise, that can help drive innovation and entrepreneurship. Our support for Dublin City University and the postgraduate research students in the School of Computing is recognition of the importance of that link.
      In Liam Cronin, John Tinsley Gavin O'Gorman, Bipin Kumar, Aiden ...