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    2. Omniscien Technologies Announces Release of Language Studio™ with Next-Generation Neural Machine Translation Technology

      ...recedented translation quality and control, and the new system is ready for production grade deployment now.” Dion Wiggins, CTO of Omniscien Technologies, added, “Ensuring we can provide customers with solutions to all t...
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    1. This partnership brings a new level of automation and efficiency to multilingual document processing that benefits a broad range of organizations including government, intelligence, language service providers and eDiscovery service providers.
      In ABBYY Language Services and Asia Online Announce Collaboration That Brings a New Value in Automated Translation
    2. The joint offering will allow customers and partners to benefit from offerings that enable translation as a utility, where very large volumes of critical content can be translated at high quality levels in record time.
      In Asia Online, Across Systems partner to provide translation offerings
    3. The Asia Online Translation Platform is still learning, but it is already better than many other machine translation systems.
      In Asia Online to Double the Size of the Thai-Language Internet
    4. Education is the engine of productivity and progress.
      In Asia Online to Double the Size of the Thai-Language Internet
    5. Our corporate goal is to give Asian nations all of the tools and information they need to compete in the global knowledge economy. To date, Thai, along with many other Asian languages, have been woefully underrepresented on the Internet. As a result, large communities of people across Asia have been denied the largest benefit of the Internet - access to valuable information and knowledge. By translating the most important and valuable educational content into each Asia language, we eliminate the last barrier to Internet usage: the language barrier.
      In Asia Online to Double the Size of the Thai-Language Internet ...
    6. Asia Online's Statistical Machine Translation platform combines statistical machine translation with an environment for collaborative and continuous improvement. Put simply, this means that the machine constantly learns from humans and continuously improves.
      In Asia Online Unveils Revolutionary Statistical Machine Translation Platform with 203 Language Pairs - Learns From Humans