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    2. Discriminative Syntactic Language Modeling for Speech Recognition.

      Discriminative Syntactic Language Modeling for Speech Recognition Michael Collins MIT CSAIL mcollins@csail.mit.edu Brian Roark OGI/OHSU roark@cslu.ogi.edu Murat Saraclar Bogazici University murat.saraclar@boun.edu.tr Abstract We describe a method for discriminative training of a language model that makes use of syntactic features. We follow a reranking approach, where a baseline recogniser is used to produce 1000-best output for each acoustic input, and ...
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    3. Clairlib Documentation v1.03

      The Clair library is intended to simplify a number of generic tasks in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Information Retrieval (IR), and Network Analysis. Its architecture also allows for external software to be plugged in with very little effort. Functionality native to Clairlib includes Tokenization, Summarization, LexRank, Biased LexRank, Document Clustering, Document Indexing, PageRank, Biased PageRank, Web Graph Analysis, Network Generation, Power Law Distribution Analysis, Network Analysis (clustering coefficient, degree distribution ...
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