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    1. EHR vendors are focused on including them, either through partnerships or building them themselves.
      In Federal focus on healthcare IT: a bounty for KM vendors?
    2. Natural Language Processing adds meaning to the clinical narrative, so that clinicians' spoken words are not simply transformed into text, but can be used to create meaningful clinical data that can be inserted into an EHR or other data repositories without forcing doctors to document via time consuming and restrictive point-and-click templates.
      John Shagoury in Major Natural Language Processing Advancements from Nuance Empower Healthcare ...
    3. My experience providing tools that simplify EHR adoption, my years as a practicing physician and an EHR consultant, have helped to make the EHR Selector™ a superior tool for physicians and RECs.
      Caroline Samuels in Msp Ehr Planning Portal Empowers Regional Extension Centers (RECs) to Help Medical Practices Compare EHRs and Become ...