1. Electronic Health Record

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    1. AssistMed's billing service clients, such as Cape Medical Billing, will continue to realize even greater cost-effective benefits as more of their physicians adopt and utilize the digital pens and forms in their practice. Furthermore, an added benefit for physicians who use the pen to capture billing information is the ability to easily expand its use to capture and import patient information to their electronic health record systems, This informal survey recognizes the opportunity of managing patient care more efficiently through innovative technology. We are pleased to receive such an enthusiastic response from our client, Cape Medical Billing, and its physician practices,
      Raul Kivatinetz in AssistMed Highlights Cost- and Time-Savings to Physicians and Billing Service Companies With Its Duet(TM) Digital Pen ...
    2. Apixio makes medical information retrieval as simple as a web search, allowing our physicians to have secure and comprehensive access to a patient's complete health history from within our NextGen Ambulatory Electronic Health Record System.
      In A New Bridge in San Francisco for Healthcare Information
    3. We look forward to helping the DoD and VA advance their groundbreaking initiative to deliver a fully integrated electronic health record that spans all healthcare facilities providing care to military personnel, veterans and their families.
      Jon T. Lindekugel in 3M Company : 3M Opens Access to the 3M Healthcare Data Dictionary under Agreement with U.S. Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs