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    1. M*Modal is proud to share in Axolotl's commitment to generate clinical documents that are not only accessible and shareable, but can populate discrete data elements directly into the EMR.
      Michael Finke in Axolotl Adds Speech Understanding To Its Elysium Product Range
    2. The VA is a closed system. They know that [EMR] system inside and out. When you take that and apply it to the commercially available products, yes they are EMRs but their data model, their software model may be different.
      In Researchers to study data from Va Emr system
    3. Our aim was to study SNPs previously and reproducibly associated in with susceptibility to common diseases and to determine whether those associations could be replicated with the use of only the information derived from the EMR to determine case and control status.
      In Q&A: Vanderbilt Team Harnesses EMRs and Genotyping to Replicate Genotype-Phenotype Associations