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    1. The European Patent Office is one of the largest providers of free information on state-of-the-art technology disclosed in patents from around the globe. The partnership with Google to create machine translation tools for patents will help inventors, engineers and R+D teams to retrieve relevant documents efficiently - in their own language - from our wealth of published patent information. This agreement with Google puts the EPO at the forefront of efforts to strengthen the patent system's international character and improve its quality for the benefit of the global economy.
      Benoît Battistelli in European Patent Office, Google Agree to Collaborate on Patent Translations
    2. After forty years, we can say that the EPC, which created the European Patent Office, has provided the ground for building a real success, not only from a technical point of view but also in its European and political dimension.
      Benoît Battistelli in Promoting a Unified Market for Innovation and Technology in Europe: European Patent Convention Celebrates 40th ...
    3. We appreciate the fact the European Patent Office is not limiting its co-operation activities to the national patent offices, but is also including the patent information centres which are like envoys of these offices.
      In Europe's patent information centres gather in Istanbul to boost co-operation