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    1. This unique collection of language data contributes to the creation of a new generation of software tools for human language processing and helps foster the competitiveness of the language industry, which is already one of the fastest growing industries in the European Union.
      Janez Potocnik in JRC publishes texts to help development of computer-assisted ...
    2. To the tune of £10 million (about $C16,973,183), the European Union is backing Project Indect, a five-year spy plan whose principal function would be to secretly monitor almost every aspect of the lives of EU citizens.
      In EU, spying on you. The Full Monty
    3. Europe is already home to some of the most progressive attitudes toward multilingualism in the world, and the European Union has gone to great lengths to promote the development of language services technologies, such as translation memory and machine translation.
      Nataly Kelly in France, Germany, and United Kingdom Offer the Most Lucrative Markets ...