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    2. $10.2 Billion Deep Learning Market Analysis by Solution, Hardware, Service, Application, End-Use, Region, and Segment Forecasts, 2014 - 2025 - Research and Markets

      ...ide traction to the industry over the forecast period. The increasing prominence of Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)-accelerated applications is leading to increased adoption of the technology in scientific disciplines suc...
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    1. There is a staggering potential for GPU/CPU-based systems hybrid solutions to help us address a great number of scientific challenges such as studying living systems, bio-photonics and computational mathematics.
      In Russia Accelerates Scientific Innovation With GPU Supercomputers
    2. We have a small team of developers who have worked on this for a very short time compared to a community that has worked really hard to make this run very fast on a GPU.
      In Microsoft extends FPGA reach from Bing to deep learning
    3. The network has 152 layers because of the limitations of current GPU resources.
      In How Microsoft beat Google at understanding images with machine learning