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    2. Nvidia : Boston'S Appliance Promises To Deliver Lightning Fast, Absolute Performance To Hpc And Deep Learning Workloads With Infinite Computing Needs

      ...innovative Pascal architecture, is delivering innovative, high-powered solutions to tackle the most demanding HPC and artificial intelligence workloads.' Available immediately, the Boston ANNA Pascal XL is suitable for a...
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    1. TACC's nationally recognized HPC supercomputers constitute wonderful national investments.
      Robert Chadduck in Behind the Scenes: A Glimpse to the Archives of the Future
    2. McGill's CLUMEQ is poised to be a game-changer to help accelerate Canadian research innovation, With IBM's expertise, the consortium - part of Calcul Québec - is now one of the seven components of the national HPC platform set up by Compute Canada to serve Canadian researchers.
      In McGill University, IBM Develop Quebec's Most Powerful and Energy-Efficient Supercomputer Cluster
    3. Xyratex is excited to enter the HPC market with a fully integrated solution that will enable our OEM partners to leverage our next generation of HPC storage solutions.
      In Xyratex Announces ClusterStor 3000 Lustre Storage Solution for HPC