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      ...erstated as quantum computing is poised to radically transform the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector. Global Cloud Computing Services, Platforms, Infrastructure and Everything as a Service (XaaS) 201...
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    1. This is a further example of how our management of European funds can help to link up Welsh universities and industry, enabling them to become world-class players in a growing sector of the economy. Companies from the ICT and media sectors in Wales are well placed to benefit globally from new speech and language technology techniques that are as yet under-exploited.
      In Funding means language technology boost for Wales
    2. The support that some academic teams receive from Microsoft Research is significant. In my case, an interdisciplinary team I am part of, obtained an RFP grant from the Latin American and Caribbean Collaborative ICT Research Federation to develop an application that will help contribute to the competitiveness of the agribusiness sector, which is fundamental to the socioeconomic development in Argentina.
      Gabriel Baum in President of Argentina and Head of Microsoft External Research Address Research Capacity and Opportunities in Latin America
    3. In Microsoft for example, we have a equal number of sociologists and technologists in our ICT team for development programmes, which focus on new technology for developing countries,
      In Focus on fusion