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    1. We saw results almost immediately after implementing Inbenta on our Zendesk powered support site. In the first two months alone, the percentage of unanswered questions went down, from 21.83% to 8.29% and our click-through ratio increased by 34.4%.
      In Grasshopper Reduces the Number of Incoming E-mails by Using Inbenta on
    2. We're excited to join this company to help them grow operations in Latin America. We're confident that the exceptional team behind inbenta combined with their cutting edge technology will transform the industry.
      In Artificial Intelligence Company Receives 2 Million Dollars Series A
    3. Inbenta has proven itself from the outset. After only two months, we noticed a sharp decline in the call-center channel, while the new online chat experience received great appreciation from both our customers and employees.
      In Inbenta's Intelligent Search Platform Adds Northern European Languages