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    1. LinguaSys analysis is interlingua-based and grammar-aware, achieving exceptional levels of clarity and lucidity for enterprises needing to derive understanding from vast multilingual text databases and other critical applications.
      Brian Garr in LinguaSys Helps International Bank Deal with Compliance, Security and Fraud with New Product Release
    2. We're thrilled to add LinguaSys' superior interlingua-based human language technology to our suite of mobile translation offerings.
      Kenneth Volet in Mobile Global Business Made Easier with Multilingual Text, Speech and Photos
    3. What's more, nobody told it to. It didn't develop a language (or interlingua, as Google call [sic] it) because it was coded to. It developed a new language because the software determined over time that this was the most efficient way to solve the problem of translation.
      In No, Google Translate did not invent its own language called ‘interlingua’