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    1. We have long held that the true essence of knowledge management is an attitude, a single-minded commitment to improvement. And companies on our list simply must emphasize an abiding determination to serve their most important constituency: their customers. They must also show agile innovation combined with a full understanding of the forces that affect, and will affect, their customers.
      Hugh McKellar in eGain Named to KMWorld Magazine's "100 Companies That Matter in ...
    2. We are honored to once again be on the KMWorld 100 Companies list and to be acknowledged for our continued impact in the knowledge management industry.
      Yves Schabes in Teragram Named to KMWorld Magazine's 2008 List of ''100 Companies ...
    3. This is the fifth year in a row that KMWorld has recognized Teragram as one of the top companies in the knowledge management industry, an achievement we are very proud of.
      Yves Schabes in Teragram Named to KMWorld Magazine’s 2009 “100 Companies That ...