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    1. I think we're seeing a lot of exciting work going on, that crosses computer science and neuroscience, in terms of really understanding what it takes to make something smart.
      In Tech giants pour resources into AI
    2. While it's still early days, [Motorola CEO] Dennis [Woodside] and the team have already transformed Motorola's product quality.
      In Google urges patience on Motorola, which continues to bleed cash
    3. These issues affect us all--from the decreased mobility and mental agility that comes with age, to life-threatening diseases that exact a terrible physical and emotional toll on individuals and families.
      In Google's Next Moonshot: Cheating Death
    4. Voice commands are going to be increasingly important.
      In Sorry, Siri: How Google Is Planning to Be Your New Personal Assistant
    5. It will be included in people's brains.
      In How Google Dominates Us
    6. It will be included in people's brains, When you think about something and don't really know much about it, you will automatically get information.
      In Google’s Real-Life Babelfish Will Translate the World
    7. Somebody introduces themselves to you, and your watch goes to your web page, Or if you met this person two years ago, this is what they said to you.
      In Google’s Real-Life Babelfish Will Translate the World
    8. As Google grows into more arenas where engineering alone can't carry the day, most notably in social and handheld interfaces, Page will have to tweak this data-driven mind-set to embrace more creative types if the company is to thrive. Google historically had a spirit of joy about it, from its clever Doodler riffs on the home-page logo to its role in transforming April 1 into a riot of web foolishness. Google can express that spirit in its products, too. And indeed, that may be happening. Hit the lock button on the Nexus S, Google's latest Android phone, and the screen zaps to black slowly, in the pattern of an old tube television. You'll smile the first time you see it, and when your Mac-head friends show off the iPhone 4's sleek
      In How Google's new CEO will keep company nimble
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    1. Larry is injecting a level of urgency and a fresh level of energy back into the company, But this is not an easy journey that he is embarking on. It remains to be seen what will be different under Larry Page.
      In Google's once and future CEO seeks to foster startup spirit