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    2. Lingotek's Translation Module Now Integrated With Drupal 8 Enables Instant Access to Best-in-Class Automated Translation

      "Lingotek is excited about the important advancements being made for multilingual Drupal 8 and is thrilled to be able to contribute to these improvements," said Rob Vandenberg, President and CEO of Lingotek. "Drupal 8 promises to be the community's best release yet, and we're honored to be a key component for multilingual Drupal users."
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    3. SAIC and Lingotek Team to Offer Translation Solution Exclusively for Language Service Providers

      Machine translation and workflow management platform accelerates translation process NEW ORLEANS - Today, at the Association of Language Companies 2012 conference, Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) (NYSE: SAI) and Lingotek announced a new machine translation solution incorporating the SAIC Omnifluent Translate(TM) hybrid machine translator (HMT) within Lingotek's ...
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    1. Partnering with adaQuest means we will be better equipped to handle complex projects with ease as well as increase productivity on all projects for our customers.
      In AdaQuest Partners with Lingotek Collaborative Translation Platform