1. Lluis Marquez

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    2. Coreference resolution: an empirical study based on SemEval-2010 shared Task 1

      Abstract  This paper presents an empirical evaluation of coreference resolution that covers several interrelated dimensions. The main goal is to complete the comparative analysis from the SemEval-2010 task on Coreference Resolution in Multiple Languages. To do so, the study restricts the number of languages and systems involved, but extends and deepens the analysis of the system outputs, including a more qualitative discussion. The paper compares three automatic coreference resolution systems ...
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    3. Linguistic measures for automatic machine translation evaluation

      Abstract  Assessing the quality of candidate translations involves diverse linguistic facets. However, most automatic evaluation methods in use today rely on limited quality assumptions, such as lexical similarity. This introduces a bias in the development cycle which in some cases has been reported to carry very negative consequences. In order to tackle this methodological problem, we explore a novel path towards heterogeneous automatic Machine Translation evaluation. We have compiled a ...
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