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    1. The language industry has an opportunity.
      In SDL Announces the Opening of Elevation Center
    2. SDL Language Technologies is committed to the ongoing success of our government customers.
      In Clark Kent Ervin Partners With SDL to Forge New Government Initiatives
    3. We see the SLD acquisition as a financing event.
      In Getting Point Across
    4. Information on the web is changing so quickly that you can't keep up with that new content unless you have some sort of automated translation system.
      In Getting Point Across
    5. While Google Translate has set the standard for ad-hoc translations by consumers, we have found that most enterprises want to own their automated translation technology.
      In Language Weaver Acquired by SDL
    6. Automated machine translation has been around since the 1950's, but 2009 was its breakout year in which several big players entered the space.
      In Language Weaver’s CEO Predicts What’s in Store for Language ...
    7. Our partnership will enable WorldLingo to deliver broader language coverage, further reducing the language barrier and improving human communication.
      In Language Weaver to Power WorldLingo Translation Offerings
    8. During difficult economic circumstances, companies have to rely on sound planning to run their businesses successfully.
      In Language Weaver Says Commercial Revenue Grew 70 Percent in 2008
    9. Because we've lowered the cost of human communications in the digital content translations space by orders of magnitude, translation now makes sense as a powerful and strategic business tool.
      In Language Weaver, Leader in Automated Translation, Forecasts a $67.5 Billion Digital Translation Market
    10. The Language Weaver value proposition consists of three key elements - speed, volume and accuracy.
      In Language Weaver CEO Says Professional Translators Are Using Software ...