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  2. About Markov

    Markov, Markova or Markoff may refer to:

    In mathematics:
    *Alexander Markov (1897-1968), a Soviet astrophysicist
    *Andrey Markov (1856-1922), a Russian mathematician
    *Andrey Markov (1903-1979), a Soviet mathematician and son of Andrey Markov
    *Vladimir Markov, a Russian mathematician, brother of Andrey Markov (Sr.)
    *Gauss–Markov process, stochastic process that satisfies the requirements for both Gaussian processes and Markov processes
    *Gauss–Markov theorem, statistical theorem
    *Hidden Markov model, a statistical model where the system being modeled is assumed to be a Markov process with unknown parameters
    *Markov algorithm, a string rewriting system that uses grammar-like rules to operate on strings of symbols
    *Markov chain, a discrete-time Markov process
    *Markov logic network, a first-order knowledge base
    *Markov number, positive integer x, y or z that is part of a solution to the Markov Diophantine equation
    *Markov process, a stochastic process that has the Markov property
    *Markov property, a property of a stochastic process in which the past and future are independent
    *Markov's inequality, inequality relating probabilities to expectations

    In sports:
    *Andrei Markov (hockey player) (b. 1978), a Russian ice hockey player in the NHL
    *Daniil Markov (b. 1976), professional ice hockey player who plays in the National Hockey League for the Detroit Red Wings
    *Dmitri Markov (b. 1975), a Belarusian pole vaulter representing Australia
    *Ilya Markov (b. 1972), a Russian race walker
    *Khristo Markov (b. 1965), a Bulgarian triple jumper

    In education:
    *Ivana Markova (b. 1938), an emeritus professor of psychology at the University of Stirling
    *John Markoff (sociologist), professor of sociology and history at the University of Pittsburgh

    In politics:
    *Demetrius Dvoichenko-Markov, a KGB spy in New York
    *Eufrosina Dvoichenko-Markov, a KGB spy in New York
    *Georgi Markov (1929-1978), a Bulgarian dissident who was assassinated in London
    *Helmuth Markov (b. 1952), a German politician and Member of the European Parliament
    *Nikolai Markov (1866-1945), a Russian politician
    *Sergey Markov (1878–1918), a Russian army general of the White movement
    *Vladimir Ivanovich Markov, Finnish Minister Secretary of State in Saint Petersburg, (1913 - 1917)

    In other fields:
    *Alexander Markov (1892-1971), a Soviet protozoologist
    *Alexander Markov, a Russian American violinist
    *Alexei Markov (1877-1917), a Russian expert in folklore
    *Alicia Markova (1910–2004), a British prima ballerina
    *Dmitry Markov (1913-?), a Soviet literary critic
    *Frantisek Markov, a character in Dungeons & Dragons
    *Georgi Markov (1911-?), a Soviet writer and public figure
    *John Markoff (b. 1949), computing and technology writer
    *Konstantin Markov (1905-1980), a Soviet geographer, geomorphologist, and academician
    *Margaret Markov (b."