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    2. Microsoft : Translator unveils world’s first fully neural, on-device translations for dramatically better and faster offline results

      ... your travel memories. A full-featured app for all your mobile translation needs The app has all the features Microsoft Translator is known for, including 60+ text translation languages and the Translator live feature th...
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    1. SOAP is a great API for the Microsoft Translator since it is capable of returning simplified information to a third party, therefore enabling the following example. The SOAP interface supports client application scenarios and a rich .NET service client programming model. Developers can use their development technology of choice with this interface.
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    2. This update adds Microsoft Translator as the default translator for the Research pane. To remove Microsoft Translator from the Research task pane you must manually remove it through Research Options. You may choose to override Microsoft Translator as the default by setting WorldLingo as your preferred translator on a language-by-language basis.
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    3. You will be able to translate between these languages in all Microsoft Translator powered services including Bing Translator, Internet Explorer Accelerator, Office, Widget as well as in our APIs. Feel free to send in your feedback on the new languages via the forum. We do keenly follow your recommendations and requests as we prioritize new languages – so please do keep them coming in the comments section.
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