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    2. Brandscreen Partners with Peer39 to Offer Environmental Targeting to Boost Ad Safety and Effectiveness for Brands

      NEW YORK and SYDNEY, Aug. 30, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Starting today in the Asia Pacific region, brands and agencies are able to leverage page-level intelligence in real time, thanks to a first-of-its-kind partnership between Brandscreen and Peer39. Peer39's quality, safety and category...
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    3. TMC's Chat Translation Week in Review

      Comment "Global communication is critical to any successful business operation. A great mobile translation app that can assist is Transfire (http://www.transfireapp.com), ..." - TGMisfit
      TMC's Chat Translation Week in Review
      ... Old?” Industry observer Saul Marcus wrote recently how Andrew McAfee (News - Alert), a research scientist at MIT who studies how digital technology affects the business world, asked him that very question. Marcus says M...
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    1. While accomplishing the first round of the MIT Business Plan Competition, we are working on being selected to the final round
      Hossam Mahgoub in Cairo 2007, Marseille 2010 & Beirut 2011: Journey to Success
    2. Thank God – winning first prize at the MIT competition is a sign for me that I'm going in the right business direction.
      In Silicon Valley mentors help Middle Eastern entrepreneurs win MIT Business Plan Competition
    3. Senior author of the study Ted Gibson, an MIT professor of cognitive science says:
      In MIT Research: The Advantage Of Ambiguity In Language