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    2. TalkIQ Raises $14M to Bring Real-Time and Predictive Voice Analytics to the Enterprise Scale Venture Partners leads Series A round; Salesforce Ventures Participates

      ...ney. To do this, we’ve built proprietary enterprise speech recognition (ESR) and natural language processing (NLP) capabilities. TalkIQ enables client facing teams to, for the first time, take a scientific approach to un...
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    1. We evaluated other well known NLP-based technologies, but Linguamatics was the clear choice in terms of functionality and flexibility to support our business needs.
      Aafia Chaudhry in Linguamatics and 81qd Sign Multi-Year Collaboration in Knowledge ...
    2. Ochsner is enthusiastic about using Language and Computing's technology for the MRA project. TeSSI® is the first NLP product we have seen that provides intelligent extraction of discrete data from clinical text. Their medical ontology is the real difference maker. We were delighted with how quickly L&C delivered the MRA customizations of TeSSI®. We are confident that we will realize an excellent return on our investment.
      Kent Boyer in Language and Computing to Provide Natural Language Processing ...
    3. This new A-Life product, which incorporates the latest generation of our patented NLP LifeCode® engine, will forever change the way hospitals and their coding professionals process detailed physician notes and patient records to support the growing complexity of the acute care billing process.
      Tom Bang in A-Life Medical Announces Icode(tm), a Revolutionary Tool to ...