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    1. The Nokia N8 is coming and will be exclusive to Nokia Online for a whole week before it goes on general sale. That's right; the Nokia N8 will go on sale here in the UK on 23 September. How do we know? Well, it seems Nokia has been buying Ad Word space and leaked the story itself.
      In Nokia N8 Release Dates Leaked
    2. I would say characterizing as the bulk of it being Nokia is probably understating. Probably being closer to say all of the change in our ... middle-of-the-range update versus what we were previously was associated with that customer.
      In TI blames Nokia for lower Q2 revenue forecast
    3. We are focused on delivering the best WhatsApp experience to as many people as possible, We are very excited about our partnership with Nokia Asha complementing our strategy of giving people around the world an easy experience when keeping in touch with their friends.
      In Apple’s WWDC All Set for June, Loses Natural Language Acquisition to Google