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    2. Method and system for characterizing unknown annotator and its type system with respect to reference annotation types and associated reference taxonomy nodes

      ... an instance of the annotation type Person, "Trusco Capital Management" is an instance of the annotation type Organization and "Atlanta" is an instance of the annotation type Location. The example annotationtype Location...
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    An organization (or organisation — see spelling differences) is a social arrangement which pursues collective goals, which controls its own performance, and which has a boundary separating it from its environment. The word itself is derived from the Greek word ὄργανον (organon) meaning tool. The term is used in both daily and scientific English in multiple ways.

    In the social sciences, organizations are studied by researchers from several disciplines. Most commonly in sociology, economics, political science, psychology, management, and organizational communication. The broad area is commonly referred to as organizational studies, organizational behaviour or organization analysis. Therefore, a number of different theories and perspectives exist, some of which are compatible, and others that are competing.

    *Organization – process-related: an entity is being (re-)organized (organization as task or action).
    *Organization – functional: organization as a function of how entities like businesses or state authorities are used (organization as a permanent structure).
    *Organization – institutional: an entity is an organization (organization as an actual purposeful structure within a social context)"

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    1. The discovery capabilities and fingerprinting technology in the latest version of Websense Data Security Suite are very accurate -- automatically searching the content located throughout our organization, identifying and classifying the sensitive information. It also was very easy to configure policies to enforce the appropriate protections on that data.
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    2. A big attraction was the ability to go and get something very concrete out that would have the stamp of my organization on it.
      In Building Integrative Biology at Boehringer Ingelheim
    3. Continually collecting, managing, and integrating customer feedback – preferences, motivations and intentions – within an organization's business processes will improve customer retention, increase share of wallet and heighten customer loyalty. SPSS Text Analysis for Surveys 3.0 gives organizations the ability to quickly analyze and gain full value from text responses – in multiple languages – and then integrate this insight with other quantitative data to gain a full view of the customer.
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