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  2. About Qualcomm

    Qualcomm is a wireless telecommunications research and development company based in San Diego, California.

  3. Quotes about Qualcomm

    1. Qualcomm Life's 2net platform will expand our ability to connect patients with caregivers, family, and clinicians by providing a direct wireless connection within every home.
      In Qualcomm Subsidiary Focuses on Mobile Medical Data
    2. With the introduction of the new Snapdragon Neural Processing Engine SDK, we are making it possible for myriad sectors, including mobile, IoT [Internet of things] and automotive, to harness the power of Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 and make high-performance, power efficient on-device deep learning a reality.
      In Qualcomm Unveils Deep Learning SDK
    3. The demand for untethered, mobile learning-driven user experiences is increasing rapidly and Qualcomm Technologies' customers have been clamoring for tools to help them realize their product visions.
      In Qualcomm Helps Make Your Mobile Devices Smarter With New Snapdragon Machine Learning Software Development Kit