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    2. Morphology and Reranking for the Statistical Parsing of Spanish.

      Morphology and Reranking for the Statistical Parsing of Spanish Brooke Cowan MIT CSAIL brooke@csail.mit.edu Abstract We present two methods for incorporating detailed features in a Spanish parser, building on a baseline model that is a lexicalized PCFG. The first method exploits Spanish morphology, and achieves an F1 constituency score of 83.6%. This is an improvement over 81.2% accuracy for the baseline, which makes little or ...
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    3. Learning to Paraphrase: An Unsupervised Approach Using Multiple-Sequence Alignment

      Regina Barzilay and Lillian Lee We address the text-to-text generation problem of sentence-level paraphrasing --- a phenomenon distinct from and more difficult than word- or phrase-level paraphrasing. Our approach applies multiple-sequence alignment to sentences gathered from unannotated comparable corpora...
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