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    2. A Study of Academic Collaborations in Computational Linguistics using a Latent Mixture of Authors Model

      ...Catching the Drift: Probabilistic Content Models, with Applications to Generation and Summarization (2003) by Regina Barzilay and Lillian Lee This paper had low similarity to both established authors on it, making it a h...
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    3. Breaking Out of Local Optima with Count Transforms and Model Recombination: A Study in Grammar Induction

      ... Random restarts in minimum error rate training for statistical machine translation. In COLING. T. Naseem and R. Barzilay. 2011. Using semantic cues to learn syntax. In AAAI. R. M. Neal and G. E. Hinton. 1999. A view of ...
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    1. But it is a powerful tool that can aid the human decipherment process.
      In Computer automatically deciphers ancient language