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    1. This is an exciting time for Linguamatics
      In Linguamatics releases new 'cloud' version of I2E text mining platform
    2. AstraZeneca's researchers need efficient access to relevant biomedical knowledge.
      In Linguamatics Extends License to its Agile Text Mining Platform for ...
    3. Text mining has become a core capability in pharmaceutical R&D and our customers want to answer business-critical questions that cross traditional information silos.
      In Linguamatics integrates ChemAxon technology to provide enhanced ...
    4. We are delighted that Bayer CropScience has chosen to extend their commitment to using I2E to find the insights and intelligence they need from their text resources.
      In Bayer CropScience Extends Commitment to Linguamatics Text Mining ...
    5. As the amount of textual information impacting drug discovery and development programs grows exponentially each year, the ability to extract and share decision-relevant knowledge is crucial to streamline the process and raise productivity.
      In Linguamatics Joins Microsoft BioIT Alliance
    6. Linguamatics is experiencing increasing demand in North America for our best-of-breed text mining platform, I2E, across life science enterprises.
      In Linguamatics Expands in North America to Support Growth in Demand for ...
    7. I2E 3.0 represents a major step forward in commercially available text mining capabilities.
      In Linguamatics Announces I2E 3.0: Discovering High Value Insights ...