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    2. Expert System : NominoData and Expert Systems Extend Partnership for Cognitive Computing Services. Partnership Will be Featured at ACAMS Conference in Las Vegas.

      ...se information. Cogito leverages proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms to deliver business value and ROI by extracting actionable knowledge from internal and external information and automating business processe...
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    1. With AssistMed's selection of MASC technology for their dictation/transcription, Vianix continues to demonstrate the value and ROI of MASC. We have been in discussions with AssistMed for some time - they know their customers and their needs, and recognize the value of our technology for their outstanding solutions now and in the future.
      Bernard Brafman in AssistMed Licenses Vianix® Masc® Voice Technology
    2. Advertising's transformational shift to digital has prompted high marketer demand for solutions that make online advertising simple and instant, with increased ROI at the very first login.
      In Clickable Adds Seven Top Execs Amidst Rapid Growth
    3. Our continued growth last year underscores our commitment to providing unprecedented value to our customers by responding to their evolving needs in terms of product excellence, client service and business ROI.
      Sid Banerjee in Clarabridge Announces 50 Percent Year Over Year Revenue Growth for 2009